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Over time, I would have to say the cold water fish have declined and the warm water fish have taken over. Less trout and more bass. I see sun fish now that I never saw years ago. The smallmouth bass have maintained their status. They, like deer, seem to adapt to people. During the summer, you can see them under people's docks and boats. The taste and food value of the fish has remained the same. However, as you know, the state warns not to eat fish caught in the lakes very often. My thoughts are "has the state completed their tests with the fish raw or cooked?" There is a feeling among fishermen that the chemical content would be different when meat or fish are cooked. Below is a listing of the types of fish that are currently in Lake Wassookeag and a few comments about each.
-John Bartosenski
Catfish (bullhead) - Small (6-8 inches) bullheads are found the shallows behind the island after sunset. In Little Wassookeag they will be found everywhere and can be caught during the day when over cast.

Pickerel (chain) - Will be found in very small numbers behind the island anytime during the day in Large Wassookeag. They are not usually more than 10-12 inches. In Little Wassookeag, they will be found up to 20 inches anywhere and at any time.

Yellow Perch - Will be found from Camp Dexter point westward in 25-30 feet of water. They will only grow to 8-9 inches normally. In Little Wassookeag, they are the same length but will be found everywhere.

Smallmouth Bass - Are probably the number one sport fish in Big Wassookeag. They grow to 16-18 inches and can be caught along the shoreline during June and early July. This is the spawn time. This fish has maintained its numbers during this 25 year period.

Burbot - I have never caught this fish in any Wassookeag Lake.

Smelt - Again, I have never fished for them.

Lake Trout - Over the past 20 years, the number of Lake Trout has declined. In the past, it was not uncommon to see 20-24 inches trout along the shore after ice-out in early May. Now, an occasional trout of 18 inches is caught during ice-out. In the summer with a fish finder, they will be seen 30-90 feet down. This is due to temperatures. However, they may not be seen in shallows early on due to the large numbers of speedboats in recent years.

Salmon - Rarely caught in Big Wassookeag. The last one I caught during ice-out was 20 years ago. They are fished with streamer flies and fly rods. Again, they may be in deep water as are lake trout.

Stocked Fish - The State puts in small brook trout each year near the shore road and the state high-way.

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