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Town of Dexter

Wassokeag Snowmobile Club House
Monthly meetings
1st Tuesday of month 7 pm at Clubhouse
News from the Kitchen
Wassookeag Snowmobile Club House kitchen run by members:
Kitchen Hours:
Sat & Sun 7 to 3
2014-15 Officers
President: Stewart Hopkins
V. President: Roger Wyman
Treasurer: John Fogarty
Secretary: Amanda Sherburne
Trail Master: Del Hodgkins
Safety Officer: Jeff Willey, Jr
Grant Officer: Del Hodgkins
Directors: Raymond Bailey, Matt Mckusick, Bob Sambito, Jeff Willey Jr


:::::: Trail Report ::::::

Trail Report update: will be posted on our Facebook Page when available

News coming soon.... is being posted on our Facebook Page

:::::: 2015 Memberships ::::::

Yearly memberships: $25 for family, $15 for an associate (if you belong to more than one club) and a busineess membership is $40.
If anyone needs a membership email us & one can be mailed to you. We have cards at the clubhouse on the weekends, the Dexter Town Office or pick one up during our monthly meetings!

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2015 Key Dates to keep in mind:
  • Club Meetings – 1st Tuesday of the month 7 pm at the clubhouse (during the snowmobile season)
  • Work Days – Every Sunday 8:30 am at the clubhouse (Oct & Nov)

    Snowmobilers: Ride Safely
    These following tips will contribute to a safe and enjoyable ride.

    * Ride Sober -- A high percentage of snowmobile fatalities and injuries are the direct result of someone's irresponsible use of alcohol. Don't drink and ride. Don't let anyone else in your group drink and ride.
    * Ride At A Reasonable Speed -- Speed limits are determined by existing conditions. If you can't control your sled safely at the speed you are going, you are going too fast. You are not only threatening your safety, but the safety of others around you. Slow down.
    * Be Aware Of Conditions -- Early season riding often means little snow or poor cover. Objects that are covered later in the season are now exposed or barely hidden. Ride accordingly.
    * Be Aware Of Darkness -- Low-light and darkness require special care. The flat lighting that is present in December can alter depth perception and the ability to see. Slower speeds ensure a safer ride.
    * Travel Together -- Don't ride alone, and let someone know where you are going and when you expect to be back.
    * Use Hand Signals -- The use of a simple set of hand signals on the trails keeps traffic orderly and predictable. These signals inform other sledders of your actions. Know them and use them.
    * Ride Defensively -- You can do everything right, but still encounter a rider who is doing everything wrong. By riding defensively, you will be prepared to respond and avoid a dangerous situation.

    For more info on snowmobiling safely contact the Recreational Safety Division of the Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Department at (207) 287-5220. Snowmobile Safety courses are offered in all 16 Maine counties.

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